Texas Club Soccer League

Registration Opens

July 1

Early Bird Discount Ends

July 23

Registration Ends

August 20

Early Pay Off Discount Ends

September 1

Season Begins

September 10

Season Ends

November 14




Boys & Girls
U6-U10 Academy
U11-U14 Select

Game Info

8 Games (6 game guarantee)
Saturday OR Sunday Play


US Club Soccer card for each player


  • EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT – Register by July 23 and save $25 on your Team Fee
  • MULTI-TEAM DISCOUNT – Save $25 off each Team Fee of 3+ teams with the same Head Coach
  • EARLY PAY DISCOUNT – Pay your team fee in full by September 1 and save $25 on your Team Fee


  • You choose your preferred and consistent game location
  • Balanced competitive schedule
  • Full season schedule published by the 2nd game
  • We schedule around the Head Coach’s ECNL or NTSSA competitive schedule of up to 3 teams
  • Pool Play Encouraged: Any US Club carded player from your club is eligible.
  • U10 Players Allowed to “Play-up”: League is US Club Soccer sanctioned so U10 players are NOT prohibited from playing-up to U11.
Game Matrix

Development (“Dev.”) Brackets are for teams looking for the challenge of advanced play by playing up in game format.

Age Bracket
Max Roster
Game Duration
Ball Size
League Fee*
U6 (2016)4V4820 X 3020 MIN HALVES3$480
U7 (2015)4V4820 X 3020 MIN HALVES3$480
U8 (2014)4V4820 X 3020 MIN HALVES3$480
U9 DEV (2014)7V71440 X 6025 MIN HALVES4$705
U9 (2013)7V71440 X 6025 MIN HALVES4$705
U10 (2012)7V71440 X 6025 MIN HALVES4$705
U11 DEV (2012)9V91650 X 8030 MIN HALVES4$880
U11 (2011)9V91650 X 8030 MIN HALVES4$880
U12 (2010)9V91650 X 8030 MIN HALVES4$880
U13 DEV (2010)11v111875 X 11535 MIN HALVES5$980
U13 (2009)11v111875 X 11535 MIN HALVES5$980
U14 (2008)11v111875 X 11535 MIN HALVES5$980
*Referee Fees are NOT included in League Fees and will be paid by teams at field prior to game time*
Age Bracket
Game Halves
League Fee*
U6 (2016)4V420 MIN$480
U7 (2015)4V420 MIN$480
U8 (2014)4V420 MIN$480
U9 DEV (2014)7V725 MIN$705
U9 (2013)7V725 MIN$705
U10 (2012)7V725 MIN$705
U11 DEV (2012)9V930 MIN$880
U11 (2011)9V930 MIN$880
U12 (2010)9V930 MIN$880
U13 DEV(2010)11v1135 MIN$980
U13 (2009)11v1135 MIN$980
U14 (2008)11v1135 MIN$980
*Referee Fees are NOT included in League Fees and will be paid by teams at field prior to game time*