For Immediate Release:
Club Contact: Jacob Born; 314-440-0644
Press Contact: Erica Bates; 917-559-4984
RICHMOND, VA (May 14, 2021) – The ECNL Girls is excited to announce that Arkansas Rising
and FC Dallas West Texas will join the ECNL Girls Regional League – North Texas for the
2021-22 season. By continually adding top-level clubs and competition to the ECNL Regional
Leagues, the league is continuing its mission to Raise the Game across the country. For more
than a decade, the ECNL has supported the nation’s leading clubs as they develop the next
generation of college and professional stars.
“We are delighted to have Arkansas Rising and FC Dallas West Texas join the ECNL Girls
Regional League – North Texas and expand its geographic and competitive scope,” said ECNL
Girls Commissioner Jen Winnagle. “These players will experience unrivaled competition and
face new match-ups in the ECNL platform, and this growth further emphasizes the depth of
talent in this area and adds to the vibrancy of the ECNL Regional League platform.”
Arkansas Rising
Little Rock, AR
Arkansas Rising’s unwavering commitment is to developing top quality soccer players, but more
importantly, to develop strong and confident young athletes that desire to pursue excellence.
The club is focused on its goal to provide a single environment in which players can train,
develop together, and compete at the highest level possible. The name Arkansas Rising reflects
the journey of like-minded clubs, families, and players coming together to elevate competitive
soccer in Arkansas.
“Arkansas Rising is excited and honored to be the first and only club in Arkansas to be a part of
the ECNL Regional League – North Texas,” said Michelle Cox, Arkansas Rising Executive
Director. “The ECNL Regional League – North Texas delivers a high-level environment for our
teams to achieve their goals and provides our players a pathway to the highest, most
prestigious platform in the United States. We are ready to hit the proving ground!”
FC Dallas West Texas
Lubbock, TX
FC Dallas West Texas (FCD WTX) is one of the premier clubs in West Texas, including the
Lubbock, Midland, and Abilene areas. FCD WTX has created a soccer culture second to none
in West Texas and as such, ensures its club members and their families can participate in a
competitive, distinguished platform that best meets their ever-expanding needs. FCD WTX’s
ability to provide scholarship assistance combined with its top-tier training facilities allows the
club to serve all athletes now and in the future.
“From our club’s inception to now, our players and families deserve the opportunity to flourish
and be a part of such a unique and special ECNL Regional League,” said Gibbs Keeton, FC
Dallas West Texas Division Director of Coaching. “The league matches exactly with what we are
seeking in our travel and competitive fixtures. Our girl’s staff is excited to compete in a top-tier
platform and continue to build on the success established within FCD WTX.”
About the ECNL:
The ECNL is the nation’s leading youth soccer development platform. The ECNL respects and
celebrates the unique individuality of every youth soccer player and club, supporting and
enabling them to unleash their unfettered passion and fierce tenacity in striving to achieve their
The ECNL mission to Raise the Game is a total commitment to create the best possible
environment for players, coaches, referees and administrators, with a determination to
constantly question convention and challenge the status quo in youth sports.
The ECNL Commitment:
We will lead, set our eyes on new horizons, and pursue them relentlessly. Born out of the belief
in a better way. Continued in the ever-evolving pursuit of excellence.
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